Customer Card
A customer card will always remind the customer of your company and the advantages of a „long lasting relationship“.

The big advantage compared with a direct discount: In order to receive the bonus the customer needs to visit your business more often. Combined with clever marketing activities you will be able to increase your turnover.
Value Card
New in the sector of electronic smart card systems is the prepaid card.

You can use it in two versions, as:
Electronic Gift Voucher (Gift Card), as a modern and flexible gift.

Value Card, that can be used and recharged by the customern.
Network Card
One of the tasks of small and middle-sized comunes is to prevent from depreciating. The purchasing  power flows-off more and more to the large cities and the centrals on the "green grass". The CityCard System of SmartLoyalty is just to help to stop this process. Often the budget of the communes and promotion communities is strong delimited - so we have develeoped for you an affordable "Mini-Payback-Card-System"