About Us
Carefare (P) Ltd. is a well established company with the purpose of providing multi-service to the customers. This company is registered under the legal constraints of Private Company's Act 2053. This company is located at Dillibazar (near Pipal Bot), Kathmandu.Carefare (P) Ltd. provides various services to the customer and its main objective is to provide maximum satisfaction, based on mutual agreements with reputed companies and institutions. Carefare introduces discount cards in the market, by which the members are entitled to various discount privileges.Affiliated with more than 500 organisations, discount facilities applies to Readymade garment shops, Travel agencies, Departmental stores, Motorbike showroom and spare parts, Jewellery shop, Computer  institution, Bookshop, Cyber Cafe, Gas dealers, Color lab, Restaurants and Hotels, kitchen accessories,  shirting/suiting, hardware, dry cleaners, medical institute, nursing home, showrooms of household commodities, and many more.We request you to consider our offer of discount cards that will facilitate you with various discount privileges in the list provided with the Discount. We request you to extend your co-operation to our staff from Carefare P. Ltd. and be a part of us. Share privileges that improves someone's life somewhere in Nepal.
Carefare (P) Ltd. was established in the year 2003. With a mammoth mission to care for unfortunate Nepalese brothers and sisters, the primary objective is to provide them with much needed guidance, support and care. With the introduction of Discount Card System in Nepal's growing market, Carefare (P) Ltd. offers fabulous discounts to its members which serves dua* benefits - saves shopping money and contribution towards charity. 15% of the net proceeds from sale of discount card will be used for academic sponsorship of street children. Annual charges for Discount Card Membership will cost the member less than the savings obtained from this facility. We also provide information on girls/boys hostel, Child Care Centre, Elder Care Centre, Educational institutions. Information booklets are available that provides comprehensive information on the same.We conduct seminars in schools and colleges on various education and career topics as a part of promotional activity.We organise various events for fund raising purpose. Concerts, trade fairs etc. are regularly organised to bring the much needed awareness on social issues, and build effective bridges between the needy and donors. Serving as a link between the fortunate and the unfortunate, we professionlly channel the fund from those who have to those who need. In the near future, we will extend our services nationwide. The Management Carefare (P) Ltd.